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Fake ID websites

Fake ID websitesFake ID websites; Websites to enter, websites to ignore! There are just as many bad and untrustworthy websites as there are good and reliable out there, so beware of this! This is key in getting your dollars worth for a real quality fake, versus getting potentially scammed and completely stolen from, which is common believe... Read More »

http://chfake.com – scam

http://chfake.com – scamhttp://chfake.com is a scam website, they currently have multiple domains that they use to scam. This website scams thousands of customers a month and currently they are rated #1 on Google for nearly all search results. This website is also used http://greatfakeid.com to scam, underground-review.com. All websites listed on http://underground-review.com are also scam websites. This... Read More »