Safety shipping Fake IDs

Safety shipping Fake IDs

Novelty IDs are not a major concern for the United States of America Postal Mail. Unlike drugs, animals are not trained to sniff for novelty IDs. This is because novelties are plastic and the bulk of U.S.A. Mail is plastic in one form or another. Additionally, you are shipping domestic without any customs. The U.S.A. does sometimes scan mail through X-radiation scanners but this is not common and will not be discussed.

Novelty IDs are small, compact, and fit in standard U.S.A. First Class Mail. Therefore, the transport is a simple process. Novelty IDs look similar to gift cards and cannot commonly be distinguished from the outside. Therefore, it will not be questioned if an employee touches the novelty and feels it. In other words, merely the ID is fine. Including the a message something with the lines of “I found your license and found your address on the web. Here you go. Have a nice day.” or similar should be considered as this may be used a potential defense if you are ever caught. The court will see you were acting as a good human being by mailing back this license you found rather than distributing novelties.


To purchase U.S.A Forever Stamps go to the Postalbox Office. Ask the employees to buy stamps. You determine amount. BE CAREFUL AS TO ONLY TOUCH A SINGLE STAMP AND REMEMBER WHICH STAMP YOU TOUCHED. The stamp you touched should be thrown away as it is now connected to you. Another method is to use liquid bandage on your hands when at the Postalbox Office. This supposely works according to other vendors. I am skeptical.

Not suggested you buy tracking. If you purchase U.S.A. tracking, do not view with your actual IP address as it is logged and will be used against you in court.It is advised you do not view your tracking code with a known VPN IP address as this may also cause an investigation. Do not view your tracking code unless necessary. Viewing will only cause issues.

Envelopes should be printed in a large scale operation to appear professional and blend in with common U.S.A. mail. However, ensure your printer is bought in person without connection to you and that your printer does not contain dot tracking. . Always print these addresses with black ink only. If possible, remove all other colours. For a single novelty hand writing will be fine. Always include a return address valid return with valid name that is not associated with you. For large scale distribution, use a single businesses for each batch. For under 5, use a residential address for each letter. Never use return addresses more than once. Businesses have the option of have ZIP+4 but this should only be used if you know what you are doing. Residential should NOT use ZIP+4 but instead regular ZIP.

For handling the novelty itself a single layer of latex is not sufficient. You will leave latent prints which will be used against you if caught. Use Nitrile gloves with fingertip bumps to ensure no prints. An extra layer latex can be used if desired but not required. Additionally, when handling novelties, ensure you wear a hairnet. You do not want to leave any evidence of you.


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