IDKing Review

IDKing Review

An accurate review for, a new vendor that arrived on the market fairly recently.They’ve made their way to the verified vendors list to take a spot with the other trusted vendors.

This is a comprehensive review of their products, which consist of 8 different states, they include all the needed features to make sure they are a passing, scanning, and undetectable ID to ensure safety among users.

The quality ensured: came out with a guaranteed quality claim that they have backed up entirely, with quality templates and production of each state offered. They feature a free duplicate ID with each order, they have microprint, UV & OVI as well as multispec holograms.

They hold their ground with good rates for pricing, the more you get, the cheaper it is. It’s hard to hold your ground when coming up as a vendor, but they seem to have the poise it takes to remain.

Tracking is accessible without any fee and the security process guarantees you that you will be able to receive your item safely. They are open to communication and have daily and timely responses. You will be able to track the location of your card and the expected time of delivery. At this moment IDKing is a becoming  a recommended website to place orders. They are gaining ground as well as trust and reputation.



“Stealth Shipping

All of our IDs are hidden well inside the packages to get by anything you have it delivered to.


Free Duplicate ID

On every ID you order we will supply you a free duplicate ID just incase you are unlucky and get one snatched away.


Super Fast

We will have your ID from order to date to in your hands within 1.5 weeks or less! We always use 3-day shipping. Production can take 1-4 days.”


Rating: 4

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  • Charles Pollack says:

    I placed my order a few weeks ago for 6 ids. I paid extra for WU to send the money instantly and also paid for extra fast shipment. They picked up the money last Monday after sitting at WU for several days but I still haven’t received a tracking number. I tried to sent a ticket through their website requesting a status but my ticket won’t even go through.

    Hope I get it soon or get some sort of confirmation

  • Sent my order in for 6 new ideas a few weeks ago. Paid extra for WU so they get their money instantly and paid extra for express shipment. They picked up their money last Monday, August 20th. Still no tracking number listed. Also I tried to send an email to them via their website but it won’t go through. Communication has been a real problem. Hope I get a status update/tracking number soon or I will assume I was scammed. I’m giving a two star rating until I hear back from them.

    Rating: 5
  • Charlie says:

    who does idking use as their shipping company? I have a tracking number but where do I check? UPS? fedex?

  • reviewfakez says:

    They should have contacted your support, we do not work with them we just review them. Thanks!

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