IDKING observed: (Rating 9.4/10)

IDKING observed: (Rating 9.4/10)

One of the newer vendors on the market but very much so certified for quality, verified for production & sale. IDKING came out of the gates swinging, we had no choice but to test their product, their customer support, and most importantly, their accuracy and shipping times.


After 30 ID’s throughout the month reviewed, we averaged out at a 9.4 out of 10 rating for them. That’s for communication, production time, ship times, quality of ID, and whether they are ISP. Even as a new vendor, they’ve managed to prove themselves within the market, right next to the big dogs, they are mimicking some of the best vendors, and doing it well. Average ship times within a week, that is huge for a lot of resellers and students. We were just recently checking the reviews, ratings, on and they have a 9.4/10 RATING with over 50+ Reviews.

We aren’t one to congratulate people like this, but that is insane in any standard. They have been one of the most reliable fake id companies the last 6 months. They’re accept numerous payment methods and as well deliver in on an average time frame of 1-2 weeks or less. IDKING has updated their website and they now offer rush Production on all orders.


They have kept their $35 reseller rate since they’ve begun and it seems to be making many re sellers happy, especially the shipping times.


Want to see their reviews for yourself? Check them all out at


~ ReviewFakes

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