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We won’t lie to you; the industry of Fake ID has a huge chunk of shady and problematic sites. There are scammers everywhere that is ready to take away your hard-earned money. This is why we dedicatedly provide you with a comprehensive review of the best fake ID website to help you find a reliable and professional partner for your ID needs. With our long years of experience and expertise in this industry, we are well about the site that you should go through such as FakeID.

Fake ID Review

The fake ID online site offers a myriad of card designs at a very affordable price that all comes with optional extra. They also cater group and single orders. Other websites that we review provide an amusing ID aside from the authentic looking Fake ID, but this website was able to maintain its professional appeal by concentrating on the realistic duplicate of the original ID.

The Fake IDs offered by are equipped with a holographic feature and a UV layer which seems to be a standard in the reliable vendors. Remember that holographic feature cannot be easily replicated by the fraud companies due to the high production cost. However, the good thing about FakeID is that they are offering this feature as a standard. Other fake ID Websites will offer this as an option that comes with extra charge.

The template that they utilize is simply refined but do not have a tendency to draw attention. Another essential feature would be the high definition printing process used that allows you to clearly see the micro text pattern which highly resembles the appearance of an authentic driver license and makes it impossible to determine whether it is fake even in a closer inspection. Different features will be contingent upon your chosen fake ID such as the barcode and the security features. Unfortunately, you need to watch out for the additional features since they can incur you additional expenses.

Order tracking is also accessible without any additional fee plus the security process guarantees you that you will be able to receive your item safely. With their tracking system, you will be able to track the physical location of your card and the expected time of delivery. When uploading your image, the fake ID website recommends that you use the TIFF format to create a high-quality result.

Fake Id has been providing their service for more than a decade now, and that says a lot about the way they do business. They generally accept the payment from the more traditional method; but as of late, they are already accepting bitcoin. Their length of experience in the industry is one of the reasons why they constantly attract new customers in US.

We definitely recommend this Fake ID website to anyone who don’t want to be scammed and for the international customers.

Rating: 5

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  • Sady890 says:

    Very good website I bought an ohio id and it came in 2.5 weeks no problems at all…

    I would definitely recommend!!

  • Jayjay9 says:

    I was skeptical about ordering from them but I took the chance.. paid with western union and it got picked up in a week but once it was picked up ID got shipped 2 days later so that was good.

    I ordered a Pennsylvania ID and it has the keystone and everything on it so turns out it’s really good..

    Rating: 5

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