Fastest shipping sites

Fastest shipping sites

Many of us are out to get our first ID, or maybe our second or third… And of course we want it fast. Especially with Summer right at our heels, it’s the season of love and fun, booze and smoke, parties, you name it! There are many great vendors, but there are NOT many great vendors with FAST shipping. I’m going to clear the air of any doubts and concerns and provide you with the fastest shippers out there from top to bottom.

We will provide their claimed shipping times, and their actual arrival dates, as well as the stealth they arrive under. So after today, you’ll know just where to get your ID, and well you’ll get it in the mail. So you can be ready for those beach bars, taverns, pubs, and marijuana shops anytime you want!

Now for the meat!

Fastest shipper on the market?

FakeYourDrank –

IDKing –

These guys have staked their claim and proved it time and again, in fact, some of them even improving to be as fast as a WEEK to make it to you. That is quite impressive, and respectable considering their work load and volume! Their claims on the website say that they will have the order to you from start to finish in 1-3 weeks. This doesn’t include weekends for any of them, obviously.. 1-3 weeks?! That’s incredible, considering a lot of the other vendors out there are averaging about a month turnaround time. It goes without saying the quality is just as great. These names have it under every aspect to be the best. From communication to a front door step delivery with stealth.

Also, they are going to be providing the ID you need, if not one vendor, than the other, these vendors are providing 8+ states each, some of them up to even 15-20 states.. That’s incredible. So regardless of what you’re looking for and how fast, I think you’ve found your answers.

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