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Many of us are out to get our first ID, or maybe our second or third… And of course we want it fast. Especially with Summer right at our heels, it’s the season of love and fun, booze and smoke, parties, you name it! There are many great vendors, but there are NOT many great vendors with FAST shipping. I’m going to clear the air of any doubts and concerns and provide you with the fastest shippers out there from top to bottom.

We will provide their claimed shipping times, and their actual arrival dates, as well as the stealth they arrive under. So after today, you’ll know just where to get your ID, and well you’ll get it in the mail. So you can be ready for those beach bars, taverns, pubs, and marijuana shops anytime you want!

Now for the meat!

Fastest shipper on the market?





These guys have staked their claim and proved it time and again, in fact, some of them even improving to be as fast as a WEEK to make it to you. That is quite impressive, and respectable considering their work load and volume! Their claims on the website say that they will have the order to you from start to finish in 1-3 weeks. This doesn’t include weekends for any of them, obviously.. 1-3 weeks?! That’s incredible, considering a lot of the other vendors out there are averaging about a month turnaround time. It goes without saying the quality is just as great. These names have it under every aspect to be the best. From communication to a front door step delivery with stealth.

Also, they are going to be providing the ID you need, if not one vendor, than the other, these vendors are providing 8+ states each, some of them up to even 15-20 states.. That’s incredible. So regardless of what you’re looking for and how fast, I think you’ve found your answers.

Scam sites & VVL

Scam sites & VVLThere are two sides to every business, the real quality vendors, and the out to get your money scammers. There are plenty of both when it comes to Fake IDs, for every fake site you come across there is also a tried and true quality site around the corner. So it’s important to keep your... Read More »

IDKing Review

IDKing ReviewAn accurate review for, a new vendor that arrived on the market fairly recently.They’ve made their way to the verified vendors list to take a spot with the other trusted vendors. This is a comprehensive review of their products, which consist of 8 different states, they include all the needed features to make sure... Read More »

What To Know

What To KnowObtaining a Fake identification allows underage people to get inside bars, or buy alcohol. Before you order one from the specified vendor, you should be equipped with good advice.. Below are some tips that will help you maximize the use of the fake ID. Use with Confidence, know what it is: When using a fake ID,... Read More »

Safety shipping Fake IDs

Safety shipping Fake IDsNovelty IDs are not a major concern for the United States of America Postal Mail. Unlike drugs, animals are not trained to sniff for novelty IDs. This is because novelties are plastic and the bulk of U.S.A. Mail is plastic in one form or another. Additionally, you are shipping domestic without any customs. The U.S.A.... Read More »

Who to choose

Who to chooseYour purpose varies, your network extends, your needs expand, you don’t know who to turn to for all your needs when it comes to obtaining, or reselling ID’s.. The answer is here, it’s valuable, and it’s trusted, it’s researched, and it’s important. You need to make the correct choice in this type of venture, for... Read More »


The world of Fake IDs has a large plate of options, and many of them turn out to be scam sites. There are scammers everywhere that are ready to take your money, whether it be through an exit scam or a simple cut off of communication from the vendor. This is why you read up, make... Read More »

What’s Okay & Not Okay for Young Students.

What’s Okay & Not Okay for Young Students.When you’re in high school, community college, or a University, there are many questions that arise. One of these being where most of your friends or soon to be friends obtained their fake IDs. Having a fake ID seems like a tradition at this point in the states and UK. If you want to have... Read More »

Differentiating a Fake ID

Differentiating a Fake IDA driver’s license is usually the type of ID that is forged as a fake. In  the digital age, there are a plethora of fake Id websites, vendors, and creators making a  promise to deliver IDs to your door that are flawless, and identical in comparison to a real one. And if you are working... Read More »

Owning a Fake ID

Owning a Fake IDFor some, having a fake ID is part of the “growing up” experience. For a number of reasons, having one can prove to be very useful. You can buy alcohol if you get through the security routine and even get into the town’s hottest clubs. Today, you can have a fake ID by ordering one... Read More »